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    1. 杭州中成金屬材料有限公司 放入收藏夾
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        Hangzhou Zhongcheng Hardware Co.Ltd. is a widely known company which is specialized in the sales & marketing of hardware, and has a long history. Our company locates in the economic and technical development zone in Hangzhou (Xia Sha). It has a big warehouse which covers fifteen thousand squaremeters, a wide business rage which covers tens of series of hardware, and a fixed group of clients from both Zhejing province and the other parts of China. We have logged on the Zhongcheng Hardware website “http://www.poppetwear.com”to strengthen our marketing. Honesty is our motto and it is our honor to have you come and inquire about the size, price and the quantity available of our products.

      2020-01-17 2020春節放假通知
      2020年春節放假2020年1月19日----1月31日 2月1日正常上班 祝大家春節快樂
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